60s Great Hit — SUKIYAKI / by A Round Cube


I was a kid the first time I heard this song, laying down head close to the radio in the back end of my dad's van, as of today he still cruises around in that 19 years old Chrysler listening to the same old album titled 60s best hit songs or something like that. So my sister was randomly humming this the other day and said did you know this song is called Sukiyaki....?  

"The title Sukiyaki, a Japanese hot pot dish, has nothing to do with the lyrics or the meaning of the song; the word served the purpose only because it was short, catchy, recognizably Japanese, and more familiar to most English speakers. It's a Japanese hit that became widely popular in America despite the Japanese lyrics that hardly anyone understands." 

It's actually about a man who walks with his face to the night sky, counting the stars, so that his tears won’t fall... I'm so caught on been playing it repeatedly I think a couple more times will piss off my roommate. 


這首歌其實跟壽喜燒一點關係都沒有,它的原文歌名 “昂首向前走" (上を向いて歩こう),是1961年日本正紅的流行音樂,傳到歐美也大受歡迎成為第一首上排行榜的日文歌,但外國人覺得本名太難念,所以就隨便的改成他們比較熟悉又好記的— Sukiyaki。

歌裡唱著一個男人散著步,望著夜空,數著星星,為了不讓眼筐裡的眼淚掉下來... 哼著口哨搭著節奏有點隨意。最近不斷的單曲重播,再繼續播下去可能室友要把我做成Sukiyaki...

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