"Ohana" / by A Round Cube


Here we are in Hawaii searching for Lilo and Stich! Hawaii is the perfect location for me and my family to meet halfway, between Taiwan and the west coast, right in the middle of the pacific. And of course, the perfect spring break getaway. We split our full week in Hawaii between Honolulu, where we explored the history and culture of the city while not forgetting to shop at one of the largest four stories duty free, and Maui, where we experience the island life on endless beaches, rainforests and the great Hana Route.

To be honest, Hawaii, with the weather, the seashores, the plants that grow on it and especially that humidity reminded me every bit of where I come from, Taiwan. And with my family here I'd have to say I had dejavus of being back on my "formosa" (meaning 'beautiful', was what the Portuguese named Taiwan when they first arrived ) and this is exactly what Hawaii and Taiwan is, tropical island charms with abundant of livliness. It is easy to let days pass without noticing the world around you, especially when you're in paradise. I can't say enough of how thankful I am to be spending these days with my family. Life is beautiful, soak in it and be grateful. 

"OHANA means family" 
- Lilo
Accommodation: Wailea Beach Marriott Resort and Spa
Hawaiian Luau Feast: Feast at Lele
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