Milk and Roses / by angela chang


This weekend my roommate and I set out to find a nice cafe to linger for the afternoon. The result was this new found gem - Milk and Roses, that is just off the Greenpoint subway in Brooklyn. Milk and Roses is an European-fairytale styled cafe walls lined with books stacked up to the ceiling. A grand piano sits in the center of the room and is surrounded by vintage leather sofas. What's more is behind the kitchen there is a backdoor that leads you inside a little greenhouse with one facade built using a whitewashed garage door. And through the greenhouse spacious garden awaits with picnic tables and trees, inviting guests to indulge in anafternoon getaway from the loud streets of New York City. 

這個禮拜我和室友的目標是尋找新咖啡廳適合度過一整個下午,於是發現了這間布魯克林的Milk and Roses,有著簡樸外觀卻能帶領顧客體驗世外桃源的魅力。從踏進店內的瞬間就像翻開一本書,開始讀起故事的序目。琳琅滿目的叢書,鎮店之寶的老鋼琴,溫醇的咖啡香與顧客們喃喃的說話聲交織,穿過廚房旁的後門是他們的溫室小木屋,最後是木屋外的後花園,有著野餐桌和即使是秋末了還綠著的花草樹木,有種離開了紐約城市的不真實感。別於大多紐約的咖啡館,在Milk and Roses更能享受一段屬於自己安靜的時間。

Milk and Roses Restaurant
1110 Manhattan Ave. , Brooklyn, NY 11222