In Anxious anticipation / by A Round Cube


Kinfolk is known for its minimal editorial spreads with a poetic twist, to me what's more behind these polished images is that it always trigger questions, engaging the reader in a dialogue and savors the subtleties of life. 

Ever accidentally cracked an egg? Or having to be super careful wearing white but always manages to get stained? For Kinfolk's Adrenaline Issue — In Anxious Anticipation, photographer Aaron Tilly and Director Kyle Bean were asked to recreate that moment of tension, right before something terrible is about to happen, making one's toes press and holds the breath. 

The project emphasizes the curious relationship between what the mind perceives and how the body reacts, and are we born with such awareness or is it adapted by learning from society standards. Overall, Aaron Tilly and Kyle Bean successfully created these moments of apprehension through simple set ups and bold colors, and “whether we’re readying ourselves for the start of an event or just imagining ourselves partaking in it, the buzz of nervous anticipation is sometimes as satisfying as the reward at the end.”

Kinfolk一直是我閒暇時就會想拿來翻一翻的獨立雜誌, 與其說他是一本極簡主義的漂亮雜誌, 它更像是會對讀者提問, 與讀者一同參與思考的慢生活交談紀錄。

有沒有過不小心打破雞蛋的經驗?或是每次穿白色衣服前都說要特別小心卻總是吃飯時會噴到醬汁?In Anxious Anticipation這一系列的攝影作品是由佈景設計師Kyle Bean與攝影師Aaron Tilley一起製作的。這些圖像都有一個共通點, 就是能讓你在看的時候會不自覺的屁股小小夾緊、拳頭稍稍用力。

不管是人類學家或是心理學家常常都會互相辯論, 到底我們一生下來就具備著感知能力, 還是後天環境與文化的累積使我們有了與外界互動的經驗?總之Kyle Bean與Aaron Tilley重現了幾個會讓你捏把冷汗的時刻, 透過簡單的擺設, 俐落大方的色塊背景, 讓讀者參與這些心跳加快的瞬間。

 “Often just the thought of what if? can be as potent as the act itself, and the thrill of the chase may occasionally be more powerful than
the real deal.”

Jordan Kushins 
(writer of Kinfolk's In Anxious Anticipation)