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Black and White by A Round Cube


Nowadays, I’ve mainly been shooting with my ContaxT2. I'm not a photographer, or anything; however, I do enjoy snapping this and that while casually walking down the street or some alleyway. The quality and process of shooting with film is incomparable to digital - not being able to immediately see what was captured is, in some ways, enlightening. You could say that I’m a bit of an old spirit. Waiting for the rolls to be developed adds to the experience of shooting with film. I even enjoy randomly browsing through those out of focus, under or overexposed moments. While organizing the rolls accumulated since I have started, I had an idea to put together posts using these, something like recollections through film photo. I got excited and dug out leaves pressed in some book last year, scanned them in and started fiddling. So here goes the first, hope you would enjoy it with us. xx

發現最近自己幾乎是用底片相機在拍照,雖然不是專業攝影師但喜歡隨身口袋裡去到哪都帶著底片相機,方便即時記錄每天生活中遇見的人物街景、 甚至是一瞬間。喜歡按下快門後無法立刻看自己究竟拍到了什麼,有時底片會不經意的曝光、或是塵粒在光線下預期外的明顯,還有每次等待底片洗出來前的期待,這些都是讓我格外享受用傳統底片相機拍照的樂趣。翻翻一直以來累積的照片,讓我想好好的整理他們,用底片機拍下的記憶和一些無所謂卻最真實的日常記錄。想到這裡開始有點興奮翻開去年秋天我夾在書裡的落葉 (經過一年很多都碎了),把它們傳進電腦裡用剩下的幾片小葉開始亂擺,同樣的一片落葉卻是不同的秋天。這是首篇,希望在看的你也跟我們一起enjoy囉。

Sometimes it happens that you stall, delay, wait for something to happen. Sometimes you have the feeling that here are all the makings of a picture – except for just one thing that seems to be missing. But what one thing? Perhaps someone suddenly walks into your range of view. You follow his progress through the viewfinder. You wait and wait, and then finally you press the button – and you depart with the feeling (though you don’t know why) that you’ve really got something.”

— Henri Cartier-Bresson


Photos taken with
Tri-X400 using Contax T2.

In Anxious anticipation by A Round Cube


Kinfolk is known for its minimal editorial spreads with a poetic twist, to me what's more behind these polished images is that it always trigger questions, engaging the reader in a dialogue and savors the subtleties of life. 

Ever accidentally cracked an egg? Or having to be super careful wearing white but always manages to get stained? For Kinfolk's Adrenaline Issue — In Anxious Anticipation, photographer Aaron Tilly and Director Kyle Bean were asked to recreate that moment of tension, right before something terrible is about to happen, making one's toes press and holds the breath. 

The project emphasizes the curious relationship between what the mind perceives and how the body reacts, and are we born with such awareness or is it adapted by learning from society standards. Overall, Aaron Tilly and Kyle Bean successfully created these moments of apprehension through simple set ups and bold colors, and “whether we’re readying ourselves for the start of an event or just imagining ourselves partaking in it, the buzz of nervous anticipation is sometimes as satisfying as the reward at the end.”

Kinfolk一直是我閒暇時就會想拿來翻一翻的獨立雜誌, 與其說他是一本極簡主義的漂亮雜誌, 它更像是會對讀者提問, 與讀者一同參與思考的慢生活交談紀錄。

有沒有過不小心打破雞蛋的經驗?或是每次穿白色衣服前都說要特別小心卻總是吃飯時會噴到醬汁?In Anxious Anticipation這一系列的攝影作品是由佈景設計師Kyle Bean與攝影師Aaron Tilley一起製作的。這些圖像都有一個共通點, 就是能讓你在看的時候會不自覺的屁股小小夾緊、拳頭稍稍用力。

不管是人類學家或是心理學家常常都會互相辯論, 到底我們一生下來就具備著感知能力, 還是後天環境與文化的累積使我們有了與外界互動的經驗?總之Kyle Bean與Aaron Tilley重現了幾個會讓你捏把冷汗的時刻, 透過簡單的擺設, 俐落大方的色塊背景, 讓讀者參與這些心跳加快的瞬間。

 “Often just the thought of what if? can be as potent as the act itself, and the thrill of the chase may occasionally be more powerful than
the real deal.”

Jordan Kushins 
(writer of Kinfolk's In Anxious Anticipation)

Waterscape by minghsi chou


If I were to live in an aquarium I think I'd be like Gill, the Moorish Idol from Finding Nemo who tries to escape every day. But not if I get to swim around in one of Haruka Misawa's reinvented fish bowl, it is a whole different story. I'd imagine the fish walking the land, asked an interior designer to customize a very own apartment, I could temporarily forget about the beauty of the ocean and enjoy being a metropolis fish.

如果我是隻被養在水族箱裡的魚,我可能會像Finding Nemo裡面的鐮魚吉哥Gill,每天想著要如何逃出水族箱。直到看到了日本設計師三澤遥設計的Waterscape,有種我是隻站在岸上的魚,請室內設計師量身打造一間現代公寓,可以暫時能忘記海洋的美好,做一隻都市金魚吧。


Haruka Misawa has unveiled an innovative new world for pet fish with Waterscape. The brilliance of these works from Misawa is his creative utilization of buoyancy versus gravity, and with 3D printed structures inspired by the natural environment, he houses both pet fish and aquatic plant life to thrive. Designing the "air bubbles" that floats in the middle of a filled tank or a "water dome" that is able to stay filled surrounded by air; creating layers within layers, space within space. 

Watching the curious little fish explore their new environments, we have to wonder if they are thanking Misawa for finally saving them from the tacky, kitsch fish bowls of the past as they are invited to swim into these newly renovated homes designed just for them.

Waterscape這一系列的作品裡,三澤遥利用3D列印成功的創造出極簡化的自然風景, 除了打破人們對於傳統水族箱已有的形態, 更是有技巧的利用了地心引力和浮力將空氣帶入水中之後製造的空間,讓藻類與魚群都能自由地在這空間裡穿梭。三澤遥在僅有的空間裡建構出另一個空間,在這小小的生態系統裡增添多樣化的層次。


Waterscape, 2015
Designed by Haruka MISAWA
All images courtesy of misawa design institute.