Studio Visit: Building Block / by A Round Cube


For those who seek out innovative fashion accessories, Building Block's playful yet, conceptual approach towards design reshapes one's perception of what a product can offer. As basic geometric shapes are utilized architecturally, each Building Block product embodies the core of design -  one is prompt to consider subtle details which are integrated in each component of a piece. Curiously, wooden elements and leather tassels counterbalance the products sophistication, making them approachable and refreshing. Below are some of the brand's most seen collections, stocked throughout United States and popular in Japan.

這次西岸之旅其中最期待的就是參觀位於洛杉磯的Building Block設計工作室。如果平常喜歡閱覽雜誌或注意最近流行動態的話應該對於以下包包的款式風格並不陌生,掀起幾何圖形潮流,讓配件又方又正,又扁又圓等的風格,其中要歸功于Building Block。從他們的名字 (意思是"積木"或"堆積木") 名字就能了解到他們崇尚最基本的結構,不做多餘的點綴,凸顯最原始"堆積木"的道理利用正方體, 錐體, 圓柱體等型狀去做設計。搭配上他們署名的木/皮製流蘇吊飾,簡單個性又風趣,在生活中增添靈感。除了紅遍歐美在日本也相當受歡迎,以下是他們的經典款式。我個人也是購入了好幾款,走到哪詢問度最高的包包喔!

"Building Block is a multi-medium design studio based in Los Angeles, established in 2011. The intent of each product is to clear away conventional standards of luxury by magnifying what is essential and editing out excess. Through the exploration of utilitarian materials + forms, Building Block suggests a minimalist alternative to accessories, finding continual inspiration in returning to square one."

by the sisters behind Building Block, Kimberly and Nancy Wu.

IKO IKO  |  Building Block
3F, 1727 N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012