Dollar Oysters at Maison Premiere / by angela chang


Maison Premiere is many things all at once; my go-to place for fresh oysters (in budget, yes-- you heard me), my favorite garden brunch spot, and the bar that offers one of the most amazing cocktails and absinthe. The waiter and waitresses are better dressed than the customers, in black vests and narrow ties, hands behind their backs. They also have a cozy and thoughtful garden seating for warmer times. Absinthe and oysters are the draws (as for the food it only gets better) of this immaculately-executed old world charmer. Every time after a visit, already, I cannot wait till the next time, to be surrounded by lush greens and indulge again in the dollar oysters happy hour  the happiest one of them all.

*Oyster happy hour | 4 -7pm weekday | 10-1pm weekend | 12+ varieties of oysters

說到紐約的Oyster Bar就不能不提一下Maison Premiere。
新鮮的Oyster Bar是Brunch的好選擇,晚上更是創意海鮮料理讓人垂涎三尺。他們特別的菜單吸引許多人來,而他們的調酒和生蠔會讓你留下成為常客。Maison Premiere與附近一家鬆餅有名的餐廳La Barricou同位老闆所經營,最近又新開了一家,Sauvage。食材極為新鮮是一間很有格調的餐廳 ,重點是這麼好的條件下價位還算親民。到了四五月份會開放後花園座位,清爽的早上在綠葉瀰漫的林蔭中大嗑生蠔,配上早上的第一杯咖啡,一籃現烤麵包。
“One dollar oyster happy hour” (一塊錢一個生蠔的“開心時間)

*Oyster happy hour | 4 -7pm 平日 | 10-1pm 假日 | 12+ 生蠔種類任選


Poached eggs with oysters & periwinkles | Bread basket with garlic butter | Fresh uni and oysters

Maison Premiere  [Williamsburg, Brooklyn]
298 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211