Waterscape / by minghsi chou


If I were to live in an aquarium I think I'd be like Gill, the Moorish Idol from Finding Nemo who tries to escape every day. But not if I get to swim around in one of Haruka Misawa's reinvented fish bowl, it is a whole different story. I'd imagine the fish walking the land, asked an interior designer to customize a very own apartment, I could temporarily forget about the beauty of the ocean and enjoy being a metropolis fish.

如果我是隻被養在水族箱裡的魚,我可能會像Finding Nemo裡面的鐮魚吉哥Gill,每天想著要如何逃出水族箱。直到看到了日本設計師三澤遥設計的Waterscape,有種我是隻站在岸上的魚,請室內設計師量身打造一間現代公寓,可以暫時能忘記海洋的美好,做一隻都市金魚吧。


Haruka Misawa has unveiled an innovative new world for pet fish with Waterscape. The brilliance of these works from Misawa is his creative utilization of buoyancy versus gravity, and with 3D printed structures inspired by the natural environment, he houses both pet fish and aquatic plant life to thrive. Designing the "air bubbles" that floats in the middle of a filled tank or a "water dome" that is able to stay filled surrounded by air; creating layers within layers, space within space. 

Watching the curious little fish explore their new environments, we have to wonder if they are thanking Misawa for finally saving them from the tacky, kitsch fish bowls of the past as they are invited to swim into these newly renovated homes designed just for them.

Waterscape這一系列的作品裡,三澤遥利用3D列印成功的創造出極簡化的自然風景, 除了打破人們對於傳統水族箱已有的形態, 更是有技巧的利用了地心引力和浮力將空氣帶入水中之後製造的空間,讓藻類與魚群都能自由地在這空間裡穿梭。三澤遥在僅有的空間裡建構出另一個空間,在這小小的生態系統裡增添多樣化的層次。


Waterscape, 2015
Designed by Haruka MISAWA
All images courtesy of misawa design institute.