Vintage Shop — Front General Store / by A Round Cube


Beneath the thunder loud train tracks elevated above Dumbo is one of the best (Japanese owned) vintage shops, Front General Store. Offering a wide array of well-picked (and priced, too) pieces, your selections are clothing's from the 50s to 90s tagged and dated, colorful bohemian embroidered tops and dresses, 1900s handmade French underclothes, an abundant stock of vintage Levi's from straight, flared and shorts in all washes and sizes. At the back of the shop is piled up with aviator, military and sukajan (Japanese embroidered bomber) jackets. 

The Front General Store是間擁有著琳琅滿目的收藏的vintage shop。從五零到九零年代每一件店家都用黑色墨水手寫標上物品活躍的年代。你能找到波西米亞刺繡連身裙、十九世紀法式蕾絲內襯衣、甚至九零年代百搭的LEVI'S牛仔褲尺寸和顏色更是族繁不及備載。逛到店的最深處你會看見掛滿了飛行員的皮夾克,軍裝外套,日式刺繡外套(不良感100%的流氓外套)。


Their accessories are also impressive, racks of silk scarfs, bandanas, aged books, tin boxes, brass pins, and eyewear — (my personal favorite of their's) If you are looking for fine metal framed ones, they have a gorgeous collection. Also jewelry, stationaries, home decors and just one of a kind objects that will satisfy your hunger in finding unique accessories or gifts. 

他們的配件與飾品總是讓人驚豔, 女人味的絲絹方巾、美式哈雷印花頭巾、生鏽的煙草鐵盒、鑰匙圈和別針, 更值得一提的是滿牆的復古金屬細框眼鏡,每次去總會試戴個10分鐘,算是只有近視人才能享受的福利吧。除了個人配件, Front General Store更是營造了與他們風格一致的居家氣氛, 如果想替家裡增添新的瓷器或小擺設, 亦或是想不到要送什麼禮物給朋友, 總是能在他們店裡找到辦法。

Front General Store
143 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201