Black and White by A Round Cube


Nowadays, I’ve mainly been shooting with my ContaxT2. I'm not a photographer, or anything; however, I do enjoy snapping this and that while casually walking down the street or some alleyway. The quality and process of shooting with film is incomparable to digital - not being able to immediately see what was captured is, in some ways, enlightening. You could say that I’m a bit of an old spirit. Waiting for the rolls to be developed adds to the experience of shooting with film. I even enjoy randomly browsing through those out of focus, under or overexposed moments. While organizing the rolls accumulated since I have started, I had an idea to put together posts using these, something like recollections through film photo. I got excited and dug out leaves pressed in some book last year, scanned them in and started fiddling. So here goes the first, hope you would enjoy it with us. xx

發現最近自己幾乎是用底片相機在拍照,雖然不是專業攝影師但喜歡隨身口袋裡去到哪都帶著底片相機,方便即時記錄每天生活中遇見的人物街景、 甚至是一瞬間。喜歡按下快門後無法立刻看自己究竟拍到了什麼,有時底片會不經意的曝光、或是塵粒在光線下預期外的明顯,還有每次等待底片洗出來前的期待,這些都是讓我格外享受用傳統底片相機拍照的樂趣。翻翻一直以來累積的照片,讓我想好好的整理他們,用底片機拍下的記憶和一些無所謂卻最真實的日常記錄。想到這裡開始有點興奮翻開去年秋天我夾在書裡的落葉 (經過一年很多都碎了),把它們傳進電腦裡用剩下的幾片小葉開始亂擺,同樣的一片落葉卻是不同的秋天。這是首篇,希望在看的你也跟我們一起enjoy囉。

Sometimes it happens that you stall, delay, wait for something to happen. Sometimes you have the feeling that here are all the makings of a picture – except for just one thing that seems to be missing. But what one thing? Perhaps someone suddenly walks into your range of view. You follow his progress through the viewfinder. You wait and wait, and then finally you press the button – and you depart with the feeling (though you don’t know why) that you’ve really got something.”

— Henri Cartier-Bresson


Photos taken with
Tri-X400 using Contax T2.

Sweets found inside a "Burrow" by A Round Cube

photo source   Brunch with

photo source Brunch with


What I am about to introduce is one of my favorite hidden gems, yes I know, lots of places in New York get hailed as "hidden gem" but this one earns the moniker. Tucked away in the lobby of a historic building in Dumbo, Burrow, a Japanese Patisserie is just as hard to spot as the "speakeasy" bars — the entrance could take a while to find. This little shop is actually located right around the corner from the vintage store previously introduced, The Front General StoreIf you are planning a visit, definitely check out both its a bundle of joy! 

今天要來介紹的是一家日本甜點店 — Burrow。店如其名, Burrow的意思是地洞, 而難找的程度就像Speakeasy一樣明明有了地址卻找不到門進去, 每次和朋友邊聊天邊走去Burrow的路上都常常會不留意走過頭。第一次拜訪時不外乎同時非常期待卻也異常焦躁(尤其是肚子餓的時候)。雖然說是地洞, 不過它也同時位於之前介紹過的二手古董店附近: The Front General Store


Burrow is the dessert places I visit most frequently, although I still manage to walk past many times. Once you find your way inside, you'll be greeted by the friendly proprietor ready to make you a warm drink or serve up a pastry from their mystical case of offerings. What they have here is a combination of Japanese delicacy and the warmth of American baking. From portrait cookies, tower of cream puffs to cactus-shaped macarons, the pastries are often too adorable and makes you think twice before eating. The flavors and selections change on a regular basis. There are even daily specials made with seasonal ingredients, such as the cherry blossom cakes and pumpkin pies. Snatch ‘em if you see ‘em! (they are kind of rare). Everything here is made with as much love as talent.

紐約的甜點文化就像它的民族風情一樣是個大鎔爐。Burrow可以說是我最喜歡也最常去的甜點店了, 它有著忠於真材實料的味道, 結合日式的精緻與美式烘焙的溫度, 連我不愛吃甜食的朋友都能自己吃好幾個蛋糕。Burrow厲害的地方除了能讓不愛吃甜食的人享受甜而不膩的糕點之外, 更是能滿足甜食愛好者的口味抓住他們成為常客。我想它與一般甜點店最大的不同就在於烘培師Ayako Kurokawa對於食材有著源源不絕的靈感, 每個禮拜甚至每天都能看見Burrow推出新的糕點。對於她而言, 除了本身對當季食材搭配有著扎實的經驗, 而且每樣餅乾與蛋糕更像是他的藝術創作。像是女孩辮子的奶油餅乾、自畫像的插畫蛋糕、仙人掌的立體夾心、黑人手指餅乾, 每個都像是一件小藝術品, 要下手吃它們之前都得想想到底該從哪裡開始吃才好。

photos source    Burrow

photos source Burrow

Burrow's Patissier

"AYAKO KUROKAWA is a patissier and a food stylist in NYC. She picks her inspirations from her restaurant experiences, Brooklyn life, and day dreaming in the subway. She likes the comfort of wood, precious old things, and simple fresh dishes. She also loves to surprise people, and to bring smiles to their faces with her sweets."
photo source   Brunch with

photo source Brunch with

68 Jay St #119, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Vintage Shop — Front General Store by A Round Cube


Beneath the thunder loud train tracks elevated above Dumbo is one of the best (Japanese owned) vintage shops, Front General Store. Offering a wide array of well-picked (and priced, too) pieces, your selections are clothing's from the 50s to 90s tagged and dated, colorful bohemian embroidered tops and dresses, 1900s handmade French underclothes, an abundant stock of vintage Levi's from straight, flared and shorts in all washes and sizes. At the back of the shop is piled up with aviator, military and sukajan (Japanese embroidered bomber) jackets. 

The Front General Store是間擁有著琳琅滿目的收藏的vintage shop。從五零到九零年代每一件店家都用黑色墨水手寫標上物品活躍的年代。你能找到波西米亞刺繡連身裙、十九世紀法式蕾絲內襯衣、甚至九零年代百搭的LEVI'S牛仔褲尺寸和顏色更是族繁不及備載。逛到店的最深處你會看見掛滿了飛行員的皮夾克,軍裝外套,日式刺繡外套(不良感100%的流氓外套)。


Their accessories are also impressive, racks of silk scarfs, bandanas, aged books, tin boxes, brass pins, and eyewear — (my personal favorite of their's) If you are looking for fine metal framed ones, they have a gorgeous collection. Also jewelry, stationaries, home decors and just one of a kind objects that will satisfy your hunger in finding unique accessories or gifts. 

他們的配件與飾品總是讓人驚豔, 女人味的絲絹方巾、美式哈雷印花頭巾、生鏽的煙草鐵盒、鑰匙圈和別針, 更值得一提的是滿牆的復古金屬細框眼鏡,每次去總會試戴個10分鐘,算是只有近視人才能享受的福利吧。除了個人配件, Front General Store更是營造了與他們風格一致的居家氣氛, 如果想替家裡增添新的瓷器或小擺設, 亦或是想不到要送什麼禮物給朋友, 總是能在他們店裡找到辦法。

Front General Store
143 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201